Wednesday, 8 August 2012


The reason I haven’t been posting lately is because I have become addicted to my new mobile. On Sunday, I decided enough was enough with my out of date Sony Ericsson and I would go to the shop to choose a new phone. As I have said before, I struggle with touch screens so iPhone and the like were out of the question. The only real alternative was a Blackberry. I decide to go for a Bold 9900 because it had the largest keys to type with plus it also had a touch screen for navigation.

It is now the fourth day and I’m really pleased with my purchase. It is really easy to use, I can chat to mates and most importantly, go on Twitter. The phone has definitely helped to cure my boredom. I just need to learn my number off by heart so I can give it to women who take my fancy. Now I’m used to it, I will try to blog more often unless of course I’m distracted by Whatsapp.

Bye for now!

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