Friday, 3 August 2012

The verdict...

I woke up this morning with a feeling of great anxiety. The butterflies got worse as I entered the hospital and my mum noticed I was turning pale. Being the doctor I am, I thought I’d need another X Ray but I was wrong so had to join the already full waiting room. It seemed like eternity but an hour or so after the original appointment, my name was called. It was decision time.

Entering the room, I was a tad nervous to see 2 other people but before my parents could sit down, the main surgeon explained that a screw had come loose but it was basically a spare or extra so was not important. He also told me that the initial ‘ping’ against the raw muscle was the cause of the pain and this would stop, which it already has. He explained that the fusion was fine and the screw wasn’t a danger.

I have to admit that is a huge relief and I can now get on with life. The next hurdle is results day before I can get excited for Uni.

Bye for now!

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