Tuesday, 28 August 2012

To infinity and beyond...

Prior to the operation, my mum was concerned with my transfers. My condition was deteriorating and as a result, weight bearing was becoming difficult. I could still just about manage it but it was becoming dangerous with all the twisting and falling. I needed to find a new, safer way and at Stanmore; the physio suggested a standing hoist. She rolled out the Arjo and we all could immediately see that the machine was what I needed. I could lean on the hand rests and pull myself up by the handles. There are pads to keep my knees locked and a strap to keep me upright. When the machine goes up and I move from sitting to standing, I look like Buzz Lightyear taking off.

Transfers were going great in hospital thanks to this hoist and I could easily get out of bed which was helping my recovery. However, 10 days after the op when I was released from hospital, the OT had just got an ordinary sling hoist. I was not happy as they’re not comfortable, difficult to get on and apply too much pressure to my wound. In 2010, they kept using an ordinary hoist and the scar kept opening up so it was no surprise that when I was transferred to the bed, a small leak appeared. I didn’t want to return to Stanmore so I refused to use a sling hoist and told my OT to order the standing hoist right away.

This didn’t happen. A standing hoist eventually turned up at my house but it wasn’t an Arjo. It was an Oxford which was completely different and not suitable. It hurt my back and the hooks were eye level so I didn’t feel safe. Even a professional rep assessed me and concluded that the Arjo was the only machine suitable for me. The OT was still reluctant but her hand was forced (plus I threatened to sue). It arrived a few days later and apart from a dodgy battery at first, it has worked a treat. Transfers are much easier and safer now.

I just wish the OT had acted quicker instead of worrying about the £5000 price tag. A hospital admission and yet another op if I fell over because I had the wrong equipment would cost far more.

Bye for now! 

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