Thursday, 30 August 2012

Be inspired...

The Paralympics got under way today with the medals already being distributed and various records being set. Even as a Wheelchair Boy, I have huge admiration for all of the athletes. Not only have they got to battle with their disability, but practice their sport every day and as a result are extremely talented. Sarah Storey, who only has one arm, is a shining example of this. She is so quick on the cycling track that she marginally missed the Team Pursuit in the Olympics. Just as Oscar Pistorius proved, disabled people are just as talented as able bodied people so should be given the respect they deserve. That is all disabled people want; to be treated normal and not be marginalised by society because of their disability.

One particular woman that amazes me every time I hear the story is Martine Wright. She has no legs and will be representing Team GB in the sitting volleyball. I am in awe because she has gone from a victim of the 7/7 bombings to the London 2012 Paralympics. My disability (Friedriech’s Ataxia) is a degenerative condition so has gradually got worse. I was a clumsy child who appeared drunk and knew that I would end up in a wheelchair full time. So, that is why it is difficult to imagine walking one day to being wheelchair bound the next. I had time to get my head round being in a wheelchair whereas she didn’t. That’s why being paralysed out of the blue and then going on to become a top athlete is unbelievable.

I just hope that you enjoy the games but also can reflect on the incredible athletes and what they are doing. I’m lucky enough to be going to watch Handball and Boccia next week. I’ll report back.

Bye for now!

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