Sunday, 24 June 2012


Tonight, I will be leaving my home for a while and be moving in to Stanmore. That means I won’t be enjoying the game down the pub with friends but instead on a small screen in my hospital bed. But, unlike those around me, I am not worried or anxious. I’m weirdly excited about the operation. It’s not that I enjoy pain but I just want it over and done with. Plus, I have many DVD’s including glee box sets to get through whilst I’m recovering.

As you would have read on Friday, I went in on Friday and quickly realised the internet connection is fragile to say the least. Also, it’s quite difficult for me to type in bed so I may not blog for a number of days. However, as I know that you’re all so kind, I’ve told my brother to post updates on my progress.

Even though I really want England to win, don’t forget to put a pound on 4-1 Italy to see if it truly is déjà vu.

Bye for now!

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