Monday, 25 June 2012

Operation update

This message is on behalf of Glen... He is in hospital following his surgery today. The operation went well and he is now in intensive care where he will be monitored tonight. He will hopefully be moved on to the ward tomorrow. He seemed in good spirits as he came round and asked me to thank everybody who has sent him good wishes. He will be back blogging as soon as he can so watch this space!


  1. Glen,
    We are glad to hear you are in good spirits with intact sense of humour even on the first day of ops. As you said you are taking life as it comes and accepted it whatever is throwing at you. Always admire the person beyond the wheelchair the intelligent, the compassionate and witty one. Your attitude for life is immeasurable. Chris, Geoff and I are sending you our love till we see you soon.

  2. Any update on Glen ? Hope he's doing ok x