Saturday, 23 June 2012


I am coming to the end of my contract (which I got after my first op) and would like a new phone. Surely you just walk (or roll) into a shop, choose the model that best suits you and pick it up on the best deal. It’s not that simple for ‘Wheelchair Boy’ though. I want a top of the range phone with apps just like everyone else but I also would still like to be able to text and navigate around the phone. Mobiles available at the moment are either touch screen which with my shaky hands is impossible, or the mini keyboards which are too fiddly for me.

So, while everyone is sporting the latest iPhone, Blackberry or Android with funky apps which allows a phone to double up as an X-Ray machine, I’m stuck with a Sony Erricson which has the traditional layout. Don’t get me wrong, the W995 was an excellent phone a few years ago but technology has surpassed it. Advancements in the mobile world have also left me behind because I’d like to be able to access all the weird and wonderful facilities that modern day handsets offer.

Just another case of me being a pain in the neck and coming up with problems.

Bye for now!

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