Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Growing up...

My visit to Brunel today confirmed that I cannot wait for University, not for the night life or eye-candy although that is exciting, but because I am treated like a real adult. Being a ‘Wheelchair Boy’ has meant that I have got used to being looked down on both literally and metaphorically. A pat on the head is always a nice way to be greeted and not directly addressing me is also favourable. Of course, I must have limited mental capacity and simple concepts such as a Mayor who wears gold chains have to be explained to me through mime (true story). Like I have said before, I do not get angry like my family or friends do. I just accept that ignorant people exist and that is not going to change anytime soon.

That is why University will be so refreshing. I have met with various people at Brunel, from lecturers to students, and all have seemed to completely ignore the wheelchair and treat me like a human being. They speak to me (not my parents) and most importantly (with my speech problems) listen to me. That is all I want, for others to forget the wheelchair and treat me like a person from the outset without having to build up a relationship. So next time you meet a wheelchair boy or girl, please remember they’re just like you.

Bye for now!


  1. Hi Glen (sorry, I refuse to call you wheelchairboy!)
    Awesome blog; this medium gives you a bit more space to express yourself than Twitter. I'm looking forward to hearing all your stories from University - definitely the best and worst years of my life combined! Make sure you study harder than I did ;-)
    Anyway we still need to go out to celebrate your end of exams, not too many shots or it may get messy!
    C u soon when I get back from Dubai, Nick

  2. cheers mate- enjoy dubai. looks lush on the TV :) Drinks when I'm better sounds good. I'll try not to be sick this time.