Thursday, 21 June 2012


I wasn’t going to blog about this but it is a bit out of the ordinary and might make people laugh. Last night, I had a back, sack and crack. I was nervous to say the least but after she tested the wax on my arm (see Twitter); I didn’t see what the fuss was. This soon changed. The never regions are MUCH more sensitive and I soon was feeling the pain. Now, I am telling you about my manscaping not only because it’s a humorous anecdote (imagine my little face wincing) and I want to boast what a brave ‘Wheelchair Boy’ I am, but because it also provides the perfect metaphor for life. To my brothers’ dismay, I did not scream or chicken out. I manned-up and got through the pain which mirrors my attitude towards life. There are times when everything seems to be going against you but, as I did yesterday, take a deep breath and continue. For me, this is the only way that people can live life because pain and heartache will never disappear from the world. It’s just a game that you have to triumph.

I would recommend a wax down below if you have the balls (pardon the pun).

I just hope the ladies appreciate it! ;)

Bye for now!

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