Monday, 5 January 2015

Welcome to 2015....

I’m back. After a couple of weeks of pigging out on chocolate and doing very little  (who am I kidding? That’s been happening for months), I have decided to return a bit of normality to my life in the form of this blog.  Now, I realise that my posts were few and far between towards the end of the year and I can only apologize. I just got distracted and lost interest. Eventhough I’m not going to make a promise to post every day like I did this time last year, I will make a conscious effort to update the blog regularly.

Since my last post, it was of course the birthday of the saviour; ‘Wheelchair Boy’. It was even more special this year as I was 21. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to reach that age and I am grateful as not everyone sadly makes it this far (sorry for being morbid) but I tend  to get quite reflective as opposed to joyful around this time of year.  I just end up looking at my life and thinking if it all was to end now, what would my obituary say. I don’t want to be simply known as ‘a passionate Arsenal supporter who skydived once’. I’d like there to be more but I’m struggling to think  of anything.

However, I realise that the only person who can change the direction of my life is myself. I am the one who needs to knuckle down and get on with my book.  I am the one who needs to try everything under the sun to get my own place and move out. I am the one who needs to find love (being single at 21 is actually becoming  a little scary). I am the one who needs to actually finish writing  a script instead of giving up. Basically, I just need to be proactive so that I get what I want in life. The only thing out of my hands is the fate of Arsenal  but that’s football.

I hope everyone else had a great festive period and has set themselves some targets for 2015. Remember, it’s not about being a new person but just a better you.

Happy New Year one and all.

Bye for now!

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