Monday, 26 January 2015

Why Not People…

Music is a massive part of my life. I don’t enjoy it as much as football but it’s a close second. I try and get to concerts but as with all things in life, my disability makes it that little bit more difficult. Ordinary people can go and book tickets online in under 30 seconds whereas I have to call up a special access helpline. That normally takes ages though as these companies do not realise that disabled people enjoy going to gigs just as much as everyone else so usually only have one member of staff to deal with disabled customers.  I have lost count of the hours my carer or I have spent on hold trying to book a wheelchair space.

I should say that it’s not just music events that put up obstacles for disabled people. However they are the focus of this particular post because I would like to talk about Why Not People?, the first music and events members club aimed at people living with disabilities set up by Jameela Jamil (T.V. and Radio presenter). The idea came about because Jameela was in a wheelchair following a car accident in her youth and has lived first hand in a world that does not make room for those living with impairments. Therefore she understands that it is nigh on impossible for a disabled person to have a good, fun night out without any problems.

That’s where Why Not People? comes in. A number of events headlined by leading international music artists will be created in order to make the enjoyment of music more accessible for the 11.8 million people living with disabilities in the UK. The experiences of disabled music fans are varied. Some will have absolutely no problems but I always seem to face at least one issue, whether that be the booking process or attending actual events. Nothing is ever simple with ‘Wheelchair Boy’ and going to a concert is no different.

Although I don’t have many friends, another obstacle that has prevented me from enjoying music to the fullest over the years has been that it is difficult to get additional  tickets for more than one person. I would normally sit with my carer and then a friend/family member would be separate. Why Not People?  wants this to change by creating ‘exciting events that people living with disabilities can enjoy alongside their friends’.

In order to help enhance the experience of all people, not just music fans with physical disabilities, Why Not People? is committed to introducing new technologies – such as the SubPac. This new piece of wearable technology transfers low audio frequencies onto the body, reinventing the way we experience music.

Founder Jameela Jamil has used her fame to her advantage by calling in some of the finest talent, ambassadors and branding to help put on entertainment gigs that are fully accessible. It was confirmed earlier today when the official website was launched that various artists including Coldplay and Mark Ronson are on board.

To learn more about Why Not People? go to, Facebook and Twitter: The company is only in its infancy but I’m confident it will be a great success.

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