Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A time of good will…

It’s Christmas Eve and only today have I started to feel properly festive. Normally I get excited when December 1st arrives but this year it feels different. I don’t know if it’s because I am not a kid (although I haven’t been one for a few years now) but I’m no longer desperate to open my presents. I’m actually more looking forward to seeing people’s reactions when they open what I’ve brought. Although I’m not Christian so probably shouldn’t even be celebrating this holy festival, I’ve grown to realise that Christmas is not about getting the latest games console but instead it’s about generosity and everyone being…for want of a better word…nice.

I’ve got two very recent examples to illustrate that Christmas truly is a time of good will to all men and women including ‘Wheelchair Boy’. The first story involves my problematic night when I went to see the Oxford Street Xmas lights being turned on back in November (read the post if you don’t know what happened: As I said, I wasn’t confidant that my strongly worded complaint would get read let alone get a response so I was pleasantly surprised when I did receive a reply a few weeks later. However, it seemed quite standard with phrases like “we will look into it” and I therefore wasn’t too satisfied. Until I read that were offering me a gesture of goodwill in the form of £100 in John Lewis vouchers. Result or what?

The second bit of goodwill came last night. I’ve got a beard again but it was slightly overgrown so I decided to have a little trim for Christmas. I wasn’t sure where to go and by chance, ended up in FnS barbers on Verulam Road. He done a lovely job and even though I feel out of place amongst the butch men who love a good old drink after a hard day at work, I’ll definitely go back in the New Year. Even more so as I didn’t have to pay because I think the owner was in a very Christmassy mood. See, people can be nice.

Before I go to dream of Santa, ‘Wheelchair Boy’ would like to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you all in 2015 where hopefully I’ll be able to blog on a regular basis (can’t promise anything because of other commitments but I’ll try to fit a few posts in). I’ll also be 21 by then so my writing will be more mature because of the added experience.

By the way, if you want to see a Pantomime, my brother is PC Pong in Aladdin in Stevenage. I thought I’d mention it because without sounding soft, I’m immensely proud of him as he is a great actor and finally the world (or at least Stevenage) can see that. I’ve already seen it twice and I definitely recommend it. Apologies if that last paragraph is cringeworthy and pretty random.

Bye for now!

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