Friday, 15 May 2015

This is also hear...

After getting the ‘Carony Classic’, the rest of the money that was donated/raised at the quiz night went towards a new hearing system. In actual fact, I had to use all the additional money to buy the two ‘FM receivers’ and the ‘Roger Pen’. Again, I thought I’d share a few pictures so you can see how your money has been spent (apologies that I look like a sinister wizard about to cast a spell in some of them).

I am very pleased with the acquisition as it sits in my ear perfectly and is much better than the old model I trialled at the University of Manchester. It is also very discreet and unless you come really close (one at a time ladies), you cannot notice it. Not that I’m image conscious…

The pen is good too as I can either point it in the direction of the speaker like a microphone or my carer can wear a lanyard around their neck and it will pick up their voice. I can always just lay it in the middle of the table if I go out for dinner (like tonight) and, according to the instruction booklet, it will pick up the voices of the people on my table. Fingers crossed anyway!

So, money well spent on both counts. I can now get in/out the car without standing and will be able to join in conversations when I’m in a crowded area now. Another massive thank you to everyone who contributed and has therefore improved my life significantly.

Bye for now!