Tuesday, 12 May 2015

It’s here…

Thanks again to all the generous pledgers who paid for my new chair!

I am pleased to announce that the ‘Carony Classic’ my friends and family (as well as some wonderful people I have never met) kindly bought me has finally arrived. As regular readers will know, simple transfers were becoming increasingly difficult because my condition is constantly deteriorating and I was even afraid to go out in the car in case I fell over. Now, I have only had this new system a few days but already fell much more confident as I know I do not have to stand at all. It means that if I want to go into town, I can without the stomach wrenching feeling that I might lose all dignity and end up on the floor like a drunk…AGAIN.

For those intrigued about how it works, I have took loads of pictures (see below). I must say it probably looks and sounds complicated but it’s not. After you get familiar with the system, it takes under a minute to get me in the car. Much quicker and safer than when I used to fall. The chair simply pumps up so that it is level with the vehicle, clicks into two rails then slides back and spins into a normal passenger seat position. It's honestly that easy once you know what you are doing.

My only regret is that I didn’t listen to mum and get the system months ago but what can I say? ‘Wheelchair Boy’ is as stubborn as Arsenal holding on to the Top 4.

Bye for now!

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