Friday, 29 May 2015

Little by little...

As the 3rd anniversary of this blog is nearly upon us, I thought it was the right time to start getting reflective. Now I've assessed the impact of 'The Adventures of Wheelchair Boy' before and concluded that unfortunately, my posts don't reach as many people as a my own TV programme would  (hint, hint commissioners) so there seems to be no change. However this post has made me think about wider society and how attitudes towards the disabled have definitely improved in recent years. You can tell from my infrequent of late posts that life is not perfect and society still has a long way to go on a variety of issues but in the main, disabled people are STARTING to lose their invisibility cloaks.

The emphasis is on STARTING because (without sounding like an X Factor contestant) disabled people are on a journey to become equal and receive recognition from their peers. Sadly though, some parts of society are either too selfish and don't want to know or just plain ignorant which is no longer a valid excuse in 2015. Like I said though; things have definitely improved. Watching back Celebrity Wheelchair Challenge from 2003 makes it clear both how much attitudes have changed for the better in the last 12 years as well as highlighting that there are problems that won't go away.

The two examples that demonstrate the improvements/lack of in recent years are to do with Public Transport. The majority of buses are now completely accessible and have their own ramps.Whereas, the issue of obnoxious taxi drivers who will not pick up disabled passengers is which, I and probably all my regular readers are all too familiar with (as it's an issue I have raised a few times), still happens today. The fact I still have that problem 12 years after the show was broadcast clearly shows the treatment of disabled people is still not great and  one solitary episode cannot make  everything better..

I still feel Channel 4 or any channel for that matter who would like to tackle disability should use  the idea again but with a modern spin. It's a fascinating concept and would help to educate society about the difficulties disabled people face on a daily basis. Those inside the media bubble do not believe  factual programmes about disability work but I would strongly argue the British public are ready to be informed on the subject.

Bye for now!

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