Friday, 19 September 2014

Back to school…

I’ve had a touch of man flu over the past week or so but I didn’t let a stuffy head stop me from getting to see my beloved Arsenal on Saturday. The only time I would miss a game that I had tickets to would be if I was in hospital and the doctor ordered me not to go (like when I missed a Champions League match in 2012 because I was in Hillingdon Hospital with heart trouble).  My family therefore urged me to have a much-needed rest on Sunday and concentrate on getting better. That was never going to happen though as I had my first football coaching course to attend.

I had been excited ever since I booked a place on the FA 1st4sport Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football and my imagination had run wild with dreams of managing at the highest level (what’s the point in trying something if you have no ambitions). I was under no illusion that I’d have to start coaching kids at grassroots level before I could even begin to think about taking to the adult game but I felt a tad inexperienced to say the least when I first entered the classroom. Most of the people on the course were already coaching teams and wanted the qualification to help them improve.

However, I soon realised that wasn’t a problem as I was just taking an alternative route; Doing the course and then becoming a coach instead of the other way around. I have still got three classes left before the assessment but the comparisons with school do not end there. I have been given a huge folder with sheets to fill in and information to read. We were also assigned some homework tasks (hence why I have been lapse on the blogging front) as well as being encouraged to learn more by going online, reading the handbooks and watching the DVD’s provided.

Right, Aston Villa away tomorrow for Arsenal and then another long day on Sunday to learn more about how to be a coach.

Bye for now!

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