Friday, 11 July 2014


Last weekend, I went to the Wireless Festival for the second year running. I went on all three days this time because I couldn’t choose between Kanye West, Drake and Bruno Mars. Sounds expensive but a disabled weekend pass was £210 and included a carer’s ticket so it basically worked out at £35 per day. I thought that was quite reasonable as a normal person would spend hundred’s of pounds for one single day (ticket + alcohol + drugs). In hindsight, I should’ve just gone on the Sunday but I didn’t know Drake would pull out through illness and Kanye would be plain awful.

If you recall, my 2 days at the Olympic Park last summer left me with mixed emotions. I had a brilliant time and the acts were incredible (hence why I returned this year) but getting picked up at the end of the night turned into an ordeal. Please remind yourself of what happened by reading these two posts: and Another difficulty in 2013 was the travel as getting back to St. Albans from East London is a pain, even with a London black taxi driver as a dad.

This year was a lot more easier in theory as the festival was at Finsbury Park, which is only about 40 minutes from home. However on the first night, a steward instructed my parents to wait for us in a street opposite. Little did they know we wouldn’t be able to get out for an hour after the concert-ended eventhough I was in the car 15 minutes early (that’s how bad Kanye was). I mean I understand that they needed to close the road as everyone was coming out but surely they could let us nip out before the crowds descended. Apparently the organizers don’t do common sense so we weren’t allowed out until 11.30.

The next night saw Kanye West headlining again (covering for the ill Drake) so we left after the Rudimental set finished at 20.10. Leaving over two hours before the festival ended meant that we were out with no problem and home in time for the football. Sunday was not an issue either as we agreed to meet my parents in a backstreet so could escape the area quite quickly. Bruno was amazing and ended with a spectacular firework display but we still managed to get back to St. Albans by 23.00 so happy days. Just a shame about the cock-up on Friday.

You’ll also be glad to know my brother and I had T-Shirts made again. They were orange this time so I thought ‘Wheelchair Boy’ and ‘Little Brother’ would stand out but obviously not. Most people were too high or drunk to notice/care.

Bye for now!

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