Monday, 28 July 2014

Much needed break…

Feels like ages since my previous post and that’s because it has been. July 11th was the last time I was on here, which means I haven’t written for almost two and a half weeks. A fact that I am quite annoyed with myself at for allowing io happen. I kept putting off writing, whether it be on here, Rolling Without Limits or adding to my book under the false pretence that I was preparing for my holiday the following week. In reality, my lack of work in that period was because my head was all over the place.

I don’t know if I was just run down but I was starting to lose it a couple of weeks ago. Everything was getting on top of me and I begun hating the world. The lines between the good people I’m supposed to like and the nasty ones was becoming blurry. It seemed easier to dislike everyone, including family members. I was especially tired of putting on a brave face and being polite because it seemed that not many others bothered to reciprocate my behaviour. This didn’t sound like me. I’m usually ready to take on the world and I wanted to get that feeling back.

As you can imagine, our family holiday in Tuscany came at the right time. I desperately needed to re-charge my batteries so that I would have the energy to take on life again. It was only a week (went too quick) but it certainly provided that relaxing break I craved. I’ll post some stories from the holiday in the coming week because I’ve got my mojo back and feel in the right frame of mind to write. Good news for my book as I’ve only done the introduction and chapter 1. I’m sure my enthusiasm will run out soon when my fingers get tired and/or my laziness shines through…

Bye for now!

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