Thursday, 10 July 2014


I have mentioned on here before that I am a proud member of the St. Albans District Access Group and have been ever since my little accident last year, which saw me lying horizontal on my back with my legs in the air. I once described the group as The Justice League as we aim to get certain aspects of the local area changed to improve the lives of disabled people in the City. Our most significant achievement came after months of arguing and continuous meetings when the council finally admitted they would have to remove the speed humps. Hopefully one of many victories as we fight for the rights of disabled people.

It’s pretty clear that I feel passionately about disability rights but the group needs some new blood as we do not have many members. That’s why the Chairman decided a few months back that we should have a website so that more people will be interested and want to join. He asked me to be Editor (he has read the blog so knows I’m an enthusiastic writer), which I of course said yes to. However, we have both been busy recently and the SADAG secretary/treasurer sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago so we’ve not been able to get the idea off the ground yet.

In the meantime, I have set up a SADAG group on Facebook ( to kick-start our online presence before we get serious with the website idea. Also, I’m not totally sure what to put on the site content wise so hopefully the conversations/debate will help me understand what to include. I have also recently joined Streetlife (a bit like Facebook but more aimed at community interaction) to engage with potential members and see if anyone wants to contribute to the website when it’s up and running.

Please join the group if you’re from the St. Albans area or are interested in disability issues (you must be one of the two otherwise why are you reading this blog?). Please spread the word too as the more members SADAG has, the stronger we can be. I don’t want to be fighting the council on my own. ‘Wheelchair Boy’ needs an army. Can you be  of help?

Bye for now!

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