Friday, 18 January 2013

What does it mean?

This is not a personal blog but something I just watched and feel the world should know about to make of it what you want.

Now, you are all aware of the Jimmy Savile scandal that rocked many institutions including the BBC. It’s easy to forget that the ITV documentary exposing the truth was only broadcast under five months ago (3rd October 2012). There were various implications for the BBC such as who knew and why was the Newsnight investigation canned?

So, when I was watching an old Have I Got News For You from way back in April 2012 (Series 43, episode 2, I was shocked to hear what Jo Brand said about Savile.

Skip to 26.15 to watch the part I’m on about or if the link don’t work, here is the quote: “After being buried, the hamster dug himself out of his grave. This story has upset a lot of children, but if you are watching kids, please don’t worry. It can’t happen with Jimmy Savile.”

I know that Brand was only reading off an autocue but it again raises questions about what was known throughout the BBC.

I just thought it was interesting and gives you something to ponder over this snowy weekend.

Bye for now! 

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