Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Road rage...

Let’s get one thing straight. A wheelchair is not a toy. Just ask the lady I crashed into a few months ago. It sounds awful but let me explain. I didn’t do it on purpose although I will if you push my buttons (no pun intended) nor was it her fault. The wheelchair, to best describe it, had a mind of its own. The people who had been repairing a separate issue must have been playing around with the computer and left one side of the wheelchair with something ridiculous like 1000 times more power. This meant that I’d press forward and the chair would go in a large circle. The woman was obviously shocked and angry but she didn’t suffer any serious injuries (I don’t think).

I have to admit, it is sometimes my driving but mostly people don’t think or realise it’s quite difficult to drive an electric wheelchair. I’ll give you a recent example. I was walking (you know what I mean) to the Emirates with my brother. A boy and his dad were walking behind us at a brisk pace so obviously wanted to overtake. The boy sensibly went around the outside of me as he could see I was about to turn left. However, the dad walked in front of me on the inside and I had to stop so I didn’t hit him. He saw how annoyed I was and just laughed, not even an apology.

In hindsight, I should have run into his ankle but I’m not a malicious or vengeful person like Ryan Shawcross.

That is just one little story but I hope it makes people think. I’m not saying that the pavement should clear when a wheelchair comes along but don’t do idiotic things like putting your foot near a stationary wheelchair so that when I move, your foot is crushed or walk in front of a wheelchair and keep stopping.

Rant over.

Bye for now!


  1. Have just spent the past hour reading through your blog, right back to when you started it. I really enjoyed reading it, not only because of your writing style (which is amazing!) but because it's made me completely look at life from a new perspective which I've never considered before (and I feel ignorant for not opening my eyes sooner!). Your blog is doing fantastically well, and you should be really proud - I understand you've left uni now but you should definitely consider doing your blog full-time as it's amazing - and as you said, it's what makes you unique :)

    Am your newest avid reader! (: S x

  2. Thanks for giving up your time to read it, I didn't realise it had that much of an impact. I definitely need to get back blooging regularly so I get more responses that make me smile. :) x