Monday, 9 June 2014

Writing a book…

I was going to keep my latest ‘project’ low key as I didn’t want to disappoint people if, like my sitcom, I didn’t finish it. The problem with writing a comedy was that it is a lot harder to be funny on paper than one might think. I tried on my own and then with a friend but ran into difficulties on both occasions so I’m going to stop trying to be the next Ricky Gervais for now. Instead, I have begun writing an autobiography (like I’m some celebrity), which I am pretty confident of seeing through to the end.

Don’t get too excited though as I finally (the idea has been stewing in my mind for ages) started writing the book last Tuesday and have only managed just over 800 words. At that rate, you are all going to be waiting a long time to read a copy. It’s based on my blog posts but most of the content will be brand new. A lot of what I have already wrote is a bit too brief so I plan to add detail if needed. Also, I do not want the book to be a random collection of ‘The Adventures of Wheelchair Boy’ posts. They should simply be the foundations to build on.

Anyway, I just thought I’d warn you that the amount of posts I write in a week is going to be varied for the foreseeable future. Some people will be annoyed that I won’t be on here all the time but hopefully the book will be worth my effort. I better get on with the job in hand. Less procrastinating and more work.

Bye for now!


  1. Good luck with your book Glen! I hope the writing process goes well

    1. thanks- it's going to take ages. A little over 1,000 words done so far...

  2. This is cool stuff, Glen - I'd definitely read it! In fact, I run a book review site ( and would be happy to review it on there and also to run an author interview piece with you, once you get it finished :) Good luck!

  3. Great-I'll definitely tell you about it when I eventually complete it. Reviewing the book and interviewing me also sounds good :)