Monday, 30 June 2014

Challenge Gibraltar…

Over the weekend, fellow wheelchair user and Arsenal season ticket holder Paul Smith text me to ask if I would be able to set-up a blog for him. Not so he could rant about annoyances/grievances he faces in everyday life (like moi) but to help promote his next challenge. If you remember, last year, I said that I wanted to enter the London Marathon in 2015 but soon realised that my body is too weak. Paul also set himself a challenge for 2015; to push himself to the top of Gibraltar Rock to raise money for charities. The difference is that ‘Challenge Gibraltar’ is not some vague ambition. He is actually going through with it next April.

It’s no surprise because this will be his 8th extraordinary challenge and so far he has raised an incredible £2.2 Million for a variety of charities. This time, all the money that is kindly donated will be shared equally between Save The Children (Gibraltar) and a cause very close to my heart, Great Ormond Street Hospital. I was a regular when I was a child and know that this amazing place needs every last penny to keep going. Hopefully, you can all see that this man takes the word ‘legend’ to another level. An able bodied person making it to the top of the Gibraltar Rock is impressive enough but self-propelling a manual wheelchair is an unbelievable feat.

The link to his page is and he’ll be posting updates on his training regularly. His fundraising target is £100, 000, which sounds like an unattainable figure for one man but as Paul said, all it takes is for “100,000 people to donate just £1”. To donate (every little helps), please go to I am confident that you, my loyal and generous reader, will help Paul towards his target.

Bye for now!

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