Monday, 26 May 2014

Twitter change…

After almost exactly 5 years (I first joined in July 2009) and over 46,000 mind-numbing tweets, I have decided to leave Twitter. Not completely as social networking is an important marketing tool and is useful for promoting my blogs. However, I’ve left my personal account because it was distracting me and I could put the time I spend checking my mentions to better use, such as reading books. It was made clear that I am a ‘Twitterholic’ when I left school back in 2012 and was voted the Twitter king but I never saw it as a problem. Until now. I realised over the weekend that I am always complaining about not having enough time yet will happily waste the day looking through, what is in essence, utter rubbish.

If you are on Twitter and do enjoy reading what ‘Wheelchair Boy’ is up to, please follow @GlenShorey. I had to use that handle because most variations of ‘Wheelchair Boy’ have been used so I’m clearly not the only disabled person who came up with a funny nickname. Pretty much everything I tweet will either be a link to this blog or one of my others. My other account was a dumping ground for my thoughts but this will be a little bit more professional.

Before I go, I probably should clarify to those who do use Twitter that I’m not saying it’s for losers. It’s just, in my case, not gong on the site as much will probably make me a better person and will allow me to focus on writing. I am quite weak when it comes to distractions so taking away a large one will definitely allow me to crack on with some ideas I have (they will remain secret until finished).

Bye for now!

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