Wednesday, 7 June 2017

One final plea...

Dear my beloved readers,

Those of you who regularly visit my blog will know that I suffer from Friedreich’s Ataxia. For anyone new,it is basically a genetic condition that attacks the nervous system and will continue to get progressively worse until I die (the Tories want that to happen sooner rather than later as it seems that I am a massive drain on the economy). I just wanted to drop by and remind you all that tomorrow is polling day. Peoples lives are at stake in this General Election so please go out and vote in a new Labour government with fresh, exciting ideas.

I can tell you that life in austerity Britain is not good for me. Benefit reductions, being refused vital equipment due to budget restraints and wasting my life in hospitals waiting for treatment are just a few examples of what I have had to endure since 2010. It is not just disabled people who are hit; the cuts also affect the NHS, Education, Transport, Public Services and Security. The Tories are not finished there because if re-elected, they are planning on attacking old people next with cuts to Pensions, a Dementia Tax and scrapping winter fuel payments. No one is safe! 

However, contrary to popular belief (the media help to shape this view), there is an alternative way.  Money does not have to be prioritised over human lives. Society does not have to cater for the wealthy and bend over backwards to satisfy the big corporations. There is now a clear choice. We can continue in a country that does not care about 95% of the population and is only interested in making their rich friends more money or we can elect a Labour government who will invest in Britain and redistribute the money so that it is not stuck with the top 5%. 

If you have a conscience and sense of morality, please do not vote in another Conservative government (voting Lib Dems will do that just like it did in 2010). I, along with millions of others, cannot cope with 5 more years of heartless cuts and being made to feel like a worthless piece of dirt.

Please Vote Labour.

Bye for now!


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