Wednesday, 8 June 2016

What's the big deal?

I went to see the highly controversial adaptation of the JoJo Moyes novel Me Before You last night and came away feeling quite confused as to why the film has received so much criticism. I get that euthanasia is a very thorny subject and brings out a lot of emotion but I personally thought both sides of the argument were presented well. I will not give any spoilers away but some of the people respect Will's (the leading man who happens to be a quadriplegic) decision and say that it is his choice. Whereas others believe it is plain wrong and selfish because of the hurt suicide leaves behind. I have mentioned before how I feel the government would happily kill off disabled people if they could avoid mass outrage but I strongly disagree that the message of this particular movie is if you are disabled, it is best to die as quickly as possible.

I am not afraid to stand up (not literally obviously) and say that as a disabled person, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I connected with the character's so much and saw myself in Will (minus the good looks) that I even found myself welling up at one part. Yes, certain parts were unrealistic to say the least such as when it cuts to him in her house. Are we supposed to believe an electric wheelchair can fit through the front door of an old, terraced house? However, I can overlook those lapses in realism because I feel the film does what I set out to do on a regular basis. Show people that underneath it all, disabled people are normal (actually I would say we are funnier, smarter and more self-assured than most).

Seriously though, I think the fact that the main protagonist is disabled is not important. Although the whole euthanasia question comes up a fair bit, Me Before You is predominantly a love story and that is what I enjoyed. I was not thinking about how disabled people are portrayed in the media, because yes that is a massive issue that needs addressing but it goes much further than onne movie. Nor was I sat in the cinema pondering the pro's and con's of assisted suicide. I simply fell in love... with the feeling of falling in love. I know that sounds cringe and I am not saying that I have not fallen for people before but to have that emotion reciprocated just seems perfect.

So I would recommenced you go and see the film so that you can decide whether I am right or wrong. Like I said, Me Before You is a book but who has time to read anything nowadays (oh the irony)? Also, in the screen version, you get to see the captivating Emilia Clarke who is just beautiful and I could not take my eyes off.

Bye for now!

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  1. Personally, I think people who want to be euthanized suffer from depression. There was this woman, a Buddhist nun, who meditated in a cave for fifteen years...of her own free will. So, this leads me to believe that the human mind is capable of anything.