Monday, 25 January 2016

Changing perceptions...

 2016 could be the year!!!

I realise I sound like a desperate Tottenham Hotspur fan who thinks that this season their team can achieve the impossible and finish above Arsenal but I am actually talking about 'Wheelchair Boy' reaching a larger audience. Well, not me personally but the message of my blog will be. I have always maintained that the public will soon become less ignorant when it comes to disabled people if the media were to constantly put disability in the spotlight. It's a step in the right direction to have shows such as The Last Leg (I have spoke highly of the programme on here before; you probably think that I work for the PR team) but it's only on for about 4/5 months a year so it's not enough coverage in my book.

Thankfully though Channel 4 have heard my 'call to arms' and have made a dedicated year of disability, which is a massive stride forward in the fight for equality and rights for disabled people. Read this article if you would like further information on their plans: 
The two announcements that excited me the most are that there is going to be a disabled character in Hollyoaks (not that I watch it but I would if they explored some of the real issues disabled people face in life) and someone with a disability is going to be on Gogglebox (hopefully the person will be hilarious yet modest like me).

C4 is all about innovation so I hope that focusing on disability becomes a trend and other broadcasters soon follow suit. Attitudes will only change if more disabled people are given access to enter the mainstream media bubble.

Bye for now!

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