Monday, 27 July 2015

Remember me?

It's getting hot in here...
Probably not because it has been well over a month since my last post. What have I been doing that has prevented me from blogging? Well, I have been trying to sort out my flat and get it ready to move in. There is still an issue with security and a lack of fences but once this is resolved (hopefully soon), I’ll be able to fly the nest. I also visited most car dealerships in St. Albans and the surrounding area to try and find a more suitable vehicle for the Carony Classic. Finally, I have just got back from a delightful two weeks in Cyprus and as you can imagine, writing was not on the top of my ‘to do’ list.

That being said, I did take my keyboard out there but decided against doing any work because relaxing in the sun around the pool was far more appealing than using my brain. I knew that being near the equator, Cyprus would be hot and humid but the weather was even better than I was expecting. Not a single cloud could be seen during our 14 day, which certainly made a change from our rather wet experience in Italy last year. Also, there was an occasional breeze to make sure that no one was uncomfortably hot. It goes without saying that the torrential rain and colder temperatures in the past few days have come as a massive shock to the system.

Weather aside, I’m also missing the pool enormously. I say this every year but I must go swimming regularly now I’m home. Being in the water gives my legs that freedom they so badly crave. Although I still find them difficult to control, I can move my joints and kick them; something I obviously cannot do in my wheelchair. I used to be scared rigid of the water but now I will happily go in safe in the knowledge that a couple of flotation aids will stop me from drowning. I just need to keep my mouth shut; an art I struggle with unless I’m around women.

The villa itself was great too, as there were hoists this time which made transfers a lot easier and less hassle. The basement was a fully accessible self-contained flat with a kitchen and lounge so really, my brother and I did not need to go upstairs. It also came with a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle so when we did go out for a meal in the evening, I could just be pushed in the back. However, I did miss riding shotgun in my Carony Classic. The chair is way more comfortable than my bog standard manual but I’m glad I did not take the £4, 000 chair because part of the NHS one was broken on the return flight.

Anyway, if you are looking a relaxing break in the sun and one or two of your party are disabled, I’d highly recommend Villa Carpe Diem in southern Cyprus, about half an hour from Larnaca Airport.

Don’t worry; you won’t have to wait as long as last time for my next blog post. I’ll be back on Wednesday because writing a new entry every day is pretty unrealistic and would be a promise I’d probably break. I’m going to aim to do three a week like Russell Brand (I used to find him a bit like Thrush but now I think he speaks sense and is quite funny like myself) does on The Trews.

Bye for now!

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