Thursday, 21 August 2014

That didn’t last long…

Last week, I mentioned the FM system that I picked up from Manchester University for a six-week trial. I said that it seemed to be helping with my hearing (particularly in busy places such as shops, restaurants or at the football) but people, including my mum, had noted how small it was and that it could easily slip out of my ear. As always, she was proved right last Thursday when I lost the small contraption in the artist formerly known as the Harlequin Shopping Centre. I definitely remember having it in the toilet but between coming out and going to the lift, it must have popped out.

My carer and I retraced our steps (or hers I should say) but couldn’t find it. Surely no one would have picked it up and took it as what good would it be without the microphone but you never know how some people think. I started to panic as it’s annoying when you lose something but when it doesn’t even belong to you, it’s even worse. I left my number at the information desk in case a cleaner found it but I wasn’t holding my breath. The only place I could think of was if it fell down the gap between the lift and the floor. I know that is a minute space but it would be just my luck.

The next morning, I felt sick with nerves as I had to call up one of the student’s who was organizing the research to tell her the bad news. I wasn’t sure how she’d react and I thought it would definitely be the end of the trial for me. I was pleasantly surprised how nice she was about it. She was aware that the earpiece did not fit securely and would flag up the issue to the company that makes them. She also told me not to worry and they would send a replacement in the post immediately so that I would still be able to complete the questionnaire.

I received it on Saturday just in time for the first Arsenal match of the season. I used a bit of tape to help it remain in my ear as I didn’t want it to full out if I got excited (turns out that was a very good idea what with the last minute winning goal). It worked very well before and after the match as I could hear most of what my brother was saying behind me. It doesn’t make my hearing perfect but it certainly assists with my difficulties and definitely improves the situation. Interference from other microphones/speakers was a problem inside the stadium but that is understandable.

Right, I better fill in this questionnaire while I remember.

Bye for now!

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