Saturday, 13 October 2012


I don’t know if many people have noticed but I have not been blogging lately, mainly because I have not had the time to stop and compose my thoughts. Ever since I moved in a few weeks ago, my life has completely changed… and not just with all the parties and late nights. I have met some great people with similar interests to me and I love the course. I’m sorry if people have, for some reason, missed my blog but I’ll try to post as often as possible. The good thing about being busy is that my life is never dull and I have lots of ‘adventures’ to report on.

 It is not until you begin University that you realise that, even at A-Level, school still treats you like a child. My favourite aspect of Brunel is that I am now a journalist. Obviously, I still have to complete academic work for assessment but it’s in my hands to shape my career. It’s up to me to secure work-placements, discover stories to write about, find interviews and build up an overall portfolio to show to future employers. There is an overall buzz surrounding journalism and looking forward, this excites me.

I’ve always kept my eye on the news but now, I am obsessed. I regularly watch Newsnight, purchase the i every morning, and listen to Radio 4’s Today Show plus surf the net to uncover the latest stories. My passion for spreading news has increased so I have started a second blog at . The new page will include news and views from across the world whereas ‘Wheelchair Boy’ is, let’s be frank, about me and my escapades. I plan for ‘we know more than you’ to become a group blog so if you’re interested in writing/commenting on the news, let me know. Feel free to read both if you want.

Once again, sorry for the disappearing act but I’ll make the effort to be more active. I have many stories to catch-up on so I won’t be struggling for ideas.

Bye for now!

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