Thursday, 13 September 2012

The greatest show on earth 2...

The Paralympics did not end for me when I left the Westfield car park. My friend had booked tickets to see Boccia at the ExCel. Most people will not have heard of this sport but in essence, it is bowls sitting down. I play when I can and I am a huge promoter of the game in general. It is fun and addictive to play as well as very interesting to watch. So, I was very excited to watch top players from around the world in semi final action. I was not disappointed as we saw thrilling matches including Brit David Smith who sailed through to the final (he got a Silver medal in the end). This was obviously the highlight of the day but another memorable part was crossing the River Thames

Previously, when visiting the O2, I have had to drive through a tunnel or across a bridge to get to Greenwich. Now the Emirates Airline is open, I can opt for another mode of transport: A Cable Car. I have only ever been on one once before but this was better. The weather was beautiful and the sun reflecting off the water made for spectacular views over my favourite city. And, unlike most transport in London, the cars were accessible (the seats could even flip up if necessary). I was suitably impressed and wish they could make more across the UK.

On both occasions, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Paralympics, watching the sports in an all-round upbeat and positive atmosphere. I really am missing the whole Festival of Sport but it has left a long lasting memory and has actually inspired me. I want to try and perfect my Boccia skills because who knows what the future will bring? Rio perhaps if I put my mind to it.

Bye for now!

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