Wednesday, 3 December 2014


That’s Spanish for ‘Unstoppables’ for anyone who doesn’t know (you learn something new every time you read this blog) and is the title of a new documentary film I went to see in London nine days ago. I received an E-Mail a couple of weeks back inviting me to an exclusive screening at the Royal College of Physicians near Regents Park.  I wasn’t too sure if I could make it at first as I had tickets to see Take Me Out being recorded but after reading what the film was about, it became clear that I should ditch Paddy McGuiness in favour of the premiere. There’s always next series.

The fly on the wall documentary looks at the "Pirates Team", a group of cyclists from Barcelona who are quite unique in that both disabled and able-bodied athletes train together. Some members have simply taken up cycling to get fit, others just enjoy the sport but a few aspire to be the best at a Professional level and win an Olympic Gold medal. The spotlight is shone on two athletes in particular, Juanjo Medez and Raquel Acinas, who became paralyzed following traffic accidents (both happened entirely separately). The story shows the lead up to the 2012 Paralympics, what happened in London and then the events after when they got home.

In the subplot, secondary characters are explored such as Elisa, who got on a bike for the first time just before filming began after having lost one lef several years ago. She was actually inspired that anything is possible even if you are missing limbs when Juanjo cycled past one day. After looking into the possibilities, she joined the "Pirates Team" and within nine months of training, finished one tenth of a second short of winning bronze at the Spanish Cycling Championships. 

If you would like further information on the documentary or fancy watching some bite size movies, please go to the website:

The full film is not available until February (on DVD or VOD). It’s definitely worth watching though and will motivate anyone out there who can cycle but just can’t be bothered to get on their bike. It’s just a shame that there has been no TV or media interest but I guess that’s typical. Whatever happened to the Olympic legacy?Bye for now!

Bye for now!

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